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       This middle eastern specialty is one of the easiest, nutritious and tasty foods to make with only a minimum of ingredients. I was shown this recipe by a nice Lebanese woman when I first moved to NC (go figure). If someone asked me what hummus was made from years ago, I would not have a clue. I am guessing some people are in the same category.

       This recipe is not given in any precise measurements because this is highly dependant on your taste, so make the basic recipe and adjust to what suits your taste. Peel several cloves of fresh garlic and place them into a food processor. Process them until they are minced well. Take a can of chick peas (also known as garbanzo beans), drain, rinse and add to the processor. Add lemon juice and TAHINI (ground sesame seeds- can be found in better grocers and Whole Foods). I generally add half the amount tahini as there is chick peas. The lemon juice is added as needed to make the entire concoction blend easy in the processor. Stop and scrape the sides, add S&P and continue until the hummus is a smooth, light pastey substance. It should have a flavor of fresh garlic and lemon with an undertone of the sesame. That’s it.

        You will be saving money by preparing this yourself. The beans are very cheap and even cheaper if you start with dried chick peas and soak them over night and cook until tender. The tahini is a bit pricey, but that is unavoidable. All tolled, it will be less than paying $2.99 or more for a 6 oz. tub at the store. Some extra variations that I have seen and would suggest is roasted garlic, chili peppers or roasted red peppers. It is also a great way to get beans into your diet, adding all the good vitamins and minerals and fiber to promote good health. Serve with pita chips, crustini or crackers or make a hummus sandwich with sprouts and tomato.

       Variations on traditional hummus are almost limitless. Use any different bean you prefer- black, white (cannelloni), fava, perhaps even green pea? Experiment with what you’re adding into it to come up with your own family favorite.

       Chef Cheapo, making your food even better and less pricey.

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  1. Thanks Chef Cheapo!
    I wanted to add a helping hint on finding Tahini. I know Kroger and Harris Teeter carry it. But ask for help finding it. I found Tahini at Harris Teeter in the PEANUT BUTTER section!!!
    Weird but true!
    LOVE HUMMUS and I have made it similar to your recipe. Also wanted to say you can use a blender instead of food processor.


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