Wednesday, June 21, 2017

QUICK TIP: Storing Potatoes and Onions.

This tip will save you money in that you won't have food going bad (at least as fast). I was reminded of this one this morning when everyone in the house kept saying they smelled fish. I haven't had fresh fish in the house in weeks. THEN, I remembered! As I walked past the onion/potato bin, I caught a whiff and I realized instantly what happened. Some of the potatoes had gone bad and started to rot. Potatoes and especially onions give off gases as they age. These gases, if kept contained, will make the onions and potatoes start to rot. Since many people store potatoes and onions close to one another, this tends to happen.

So what I have found the best way to store these is in large, mesh onion bags, just like the plastic mesh bags the onions come in when you buy them in the store. I hang these bags over the steps to the basement on pegs I hung along the wall. They like the airy nature of the mesh bags which allows the natural gases to escape and prevents over ripening and rotting. The cooler temperature of the cellar also help them from going bad longer also.

I recommend these bags on Amazon. They are 5 star rated, come in a variety of sizes and are washable and reusable.
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