Friday, July 1, 2011

"Leftovers AGAIN?"

       My mom used to say that always wanted to know when they ate their dinners the first time, because they always were eating leftovers. Personally, I love leftovers. The opportunity to have a hot lunch sometimes overcomes whatever is on the sandwich menu. I love the day or two after St. Patty's day and enjoying corned beef and cabbage again and again. Sometimes simply reheating last night's leftovers just isn't going to win anyone over. So what do you do with it?
       Here are a few suggestions that I have found to work with my family. In a lot of these instances, I am hiding the "re d'ouvres" (redo-overs, get it?) in another dish that allows you to be economical and give you a better chance of it getting consumed.
       Veggies: I often use LO veggies to make soup, make a quiche, breakfast (or dinner) burritos.
       Hamburgers: crumble them up and make sloppy joes or season and use in burritos or tacos,
       Ham: dice up and make omelets, ham salad, stuffed eggs, stuffed zuchini, salad topping.
       Chicken: chicken salad, shredded bbq chicken sandwiches, diced salad toppings, taco/burritos,
        Rice: great for soup, fried rice, burritos,
        Noodles: soup, toss into cream sauce for a dinner side dish, cassarole.
      As you can see, these are just a few suggestions to reuse those leftover gems. The possibilities are limitless, so put on your thinking cap and go ahead and redo those re d'ouvres.

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