Saturday, July 9, 2011

QUICK TIP: Food storage bags

How many times do you use a zipper bag and then throw it away after you have used it once? I rarely ever use a bag once. Most times, unless it has had raw meat or something REALLY messy, I will simply wash the bag out and allow it to air dry. [If it has had raw meat in it please do toss it, the contamination risk is not worth it] When washing the dishes simply wash the inside out and hang it upside down in the drain board, perhaps braced on a wooden spoon standing upright in the drainboard or use a clea dishrag and wipe dry the bag. After it has dried, fold it up, putting all of the bags inside a larger bag and then in your storage cabinet. When the bags get too worn or get holes in them, then throw them out. I suggest always buying freezer storage bags because they are a bit thicker and able to withstand repeated uses better than regular storage bags. It is a little more money upfront for the freezer bags, but if you reuse them multiple times, the cost will be recouped. The savings for the bags will surprise you if you do reuse them.

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