Sunday, July 17, 2011

QUICK TIP: Save money on cereal

If you're like me, you find all of the garbage in most breakfast cereals to be inundating. I do not feed my family anything with HFCS(high fructose corn syrup) and if you're a label reader you will see that most cold breakfast cereals contain it. This takes a lot of them off the table for us. Many of the rest have too much sugar. It it has more than 10 grams per serving, I don't buy it (except for raisin bran which has high sugar because of the raisins). So here is a trick you can do to save money and serve (at least a little) a healthier breakfast cereal. When I buy frosted corn flakes, I also buy plain corn flakes. When I get them home, I mix the 2 boxes together in a large container, at 50/50 proportions. The kids seem satisfied with the compromise and I feel better about cutting back on having too much of the sugar in their diet.

There are other combos to try and you are absolutely free to make up your own. I do honey puffs of wheat and plain puffed wheat (walmart has it for $1 a bag. w/ no added ingredients). Frosted mini wheats and plain wheat chex. Captain crunch and kix. Again, make your own combos. i would be interested to hear them.

One footnote that I would like to make everyone aware of and you can use your own discression. You may not be aware that an ingredient growing more popular in use is sorbitol. It is a artificial sweetener and it is used in cereal (esp. frosted mini wheats) and hotdogs. [I do not like ANY artificial sweeteners because one, they make me physically ill and two, they do not help you loose weight as claimed but actually make you gain weight because they make your body crave sweets more since they give the taste of sweet and your body is looking for the sugar rush, which it never gets.] Sorbitol effects most people in a negative way by making you have diarreaha. Ever eat a hot dog, have an upset stomach and then have to run to the bathroom? Now you know why.

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