Tuesday, July 19, 2011

QUICK TIP: Save time and money on breakfast

I must admit that I was reminded of this by someone from my last blog, but it is something I have been doing for as long as I have had kids. Whenever I make a breakfast food, like pancakes, waffles or french toast, I will make as much as I have raw ingredients to make and freeze whatever my kids don't eat. I have found it best to separate each piece with a small piece of wax paper, so when the frozen piece needs to be taken out of the freezer, it is doesn't stick to it's neighbor piece. Pretty simple, but it could be a "duh huh!" moment for some. I imagine one could keep that money out of Aunt Jemima's pocket by doing this.

Check out one of my past blogs about my homemade "biscuit quick" mix

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