Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick tip: Say "CHEESE!!"

Another quick money saver for you. Have you noticed how expensive cheese is? We are definitely cheese eaters, so much so that if it weren't so cold, we would be at home in Minnesota. I absolutely love grilled cheese sandwiches. By far the best sliced american cheese is Land O' Lakes at the deli counter (my wife will fight you on that one if you disagree). Unfortunately, it can also run as high as $7 a pound. My alternative, if I cannot get it for a better price, is to use regular cheddar or jack. Buy the cheddar, jack, or whatever kind you like by the block. Generally, it runs around $3 a pound when you buy the block and I actually get a 5 pound block at Walmart for around $2.50 a pound. Using a vegetable peeler, "peel" a slice of cheese from along the edge of the block (you may need to cut a thin wedge if you have a 5 pound block). The edge you "peel" the slice from must be no wider than the cutting blade of the peeler so adjust appropriately.
     This may be cheesey, but it's still saving money. Count on Chef Cheapo to deliver the cheese.

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