Monday, July 4, 2011

TIP FROM THE TRADE: Keeping them covered.

For some, this may be elementary and for others it may be an "AHHHHHH!!!!!" moment. In today's world with our hypersensitivity over germs, it has become common place for restaurant workers to wear gloves when handling food. I usually do not. I never did when I was working my way through the ranks and today I use them only when forced or when doing an especially messy task. For an older chef (I guess like me...), I learned to touch and feel the food I was working with. This developed dexterity and gave me a feel for the food. Most times I can pick something up and know without looking at it, if there is a quality issue with it. Having said that, I do keep a box of vinyl ambidexterous gloves in the drawer for use when I am working on such things as butchering or other messy work. When doing a lot of knife work, I do not like to wear one because I find that the knife will catch it and either cut a small piece off or throw my rhythm off. It is a small expense ($4 at most pharmacies) but the clean up savings is worth it. I recommend vinyl gloves because the latex will definitely stick to your knife.

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