Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick tip: cheese

This may seem elementary to most but every so often I have an "ahh, huh!" moment so I will put this up for those that may have their own "AHH. HUH!!" moment.
In the grocery store this weekend, I was noticing that the price of cheese has risen quite a bit. A one pound chunk of Kraft "premium" cheddar cheese (I am not sure what makes it premium...) was $7.50 at the Pig. A one pound chunk of store label chedder was $4.00 a pound. Now if you check the price on shredded cheddar, you will notice that the cost of having the manufacturer shred that chedder will cost you a good 50% more for that one pound of cheddar. My simple advice, dust off that knuckle buster and shred your own cheese when needed.

The price factor does not take into account another factor in shredded cheese. That factor is the preservatives added to shredded cheese so that it won't mold as fast. Reading the label, you will likely see "natamycin". This is an additive that prevents the growth of mold and yeasts. It does not effect bacteria, so they may still grow in the food. It is considered safe for consumption. That's the official stance on that additive, but why consume more additives? Other additives in shredded cheese include cellulose and corn (or other grain) starch. Now you know, so you decide...

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