Monday, January 21, 2013


QUICK TIP- So what do you do with the mustard and ketchup that is left in the bottle when you get to the end of it? I usually turn the bottle over and let it drain into the next bottle I just opened so what remains in the old bottle simply pours out. With mustard this is a bit more difficult than ketchup. The mustard is a lot thicker than ketchup and you will just not get the last of it out no matter how hard you shake the bottle. Here is my method for getting out the very last of that mustard and stretching those pennies a bit farther. Take a tablespoon or two of white vinegar and pour into the old mustard bottle. Recap and shake vigorously. Put a funnel into the new bottle and pour the vinegar/mustard mix from the old bottle into the new one. Recap the new bottle and shake vigorously again to mix the vinegar mix into the fresh mustard. That's how to get every last bit out of that bottle.

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