Monday, February 4, 2013

Chicken fingers

Quick Tip- This one comes from tonight's dinner. You want to serve your kids a healthy, nutritious meal, but want to avoid all of the unhealthy stuff in their favorite- chicken fingers. You feel really motivated today and decide to make homemade ones. You can start with chicken tenderloins and you notice the price. That's a whole lot more expensive than the premade ones. How do you save a few dollars on this one? Take a look a little further down the meat case and see if they have boneless chicken breast on sale. If they do and it is less expensive than tenderloins, buy the breast and cut the breast into strips resembling a tenderloin. Most people won't tell the difference and the tenderloin is part of the breast anyway so the meat is the same. I saved $2 a pound today by using this tip, since the breasts were on sale. Always use this tip for you meat purchases, especially when looking for stir fry meat, stew meat, etc. Buy the larger cut and do you own cutting down to size. A few minutes extra work is well worth the additional savings.

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