Thursday, April 23, 2015

QUICK TIP: Turn Leftover Pickled Jalapeno Juice into a Tasty New Condiment

I make salsa a gallon at a time, so I typically need a full can of jalapeno peppers as one of the ingredients. A can of pickled jalapenos usually includes some carrots and onions, so I dice up all of these solids (in the Mexican aisle of the market this condiment is called escabeche). After removing the solids, there is quite a bit of juice left behind. I add a portion of this juice to the salsa because it adds some zip. And in an effort to be thrifty, I save the rest of the juice. I put it in a clean Mexican beer bottle (for effect) and use a shaker top that I removed off of an old vinegar bottle. 

The plastic shaker top fits into a standard beer bottle opening perfectly and it allows you to shake out just the amount you prefer. Use this jalapeno juice in place of a hot sauce. Having had the additional veggies in it, this juice is a bit more flavorful than just plain jalapeno juice. It adds a good zip to your dish.

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