Monday, July 3, 2017

Iced Coffee Indulgences on a Shoe String Budget

Are you one of those people that like cold coffee? Do you enjoy one of those Starbuck's iced lattes that cost $3 (or more) for a 12 ounce bottle? As this type of drink has become more popular, I have noticed how the price has crept up on them. Have you ever read the ingredient list? Potassium sorbate (a preservative),citric acid (another preservative) and "natural flavoring", whatever that may be, are all ingredients in the commercial stuff.

So how would a person enjoy these without having to pay so much for them and without the nasty stuff??  Simple. Make your own! It is very easy to make your own. First, make a fresh pot of coffee. When it is done, add sugar to your desired level of sweetness. Add cream, milk or half and half to your desired level of lightness. When you have this all mixed up, pour this into a mason jar, cover tightly and place into the fridge. This should be made about 6-8 hours ahead of time so that it will cool down. I do not recommend adding ice cubes to chill it faster because this will water down the taste, especially if you are not using a dark roasted coffee with strong flavor.

After it has cooled down, put into your own bottle or jar and take it with you. For an added taste, you can add some cinnamon or cocoa (to make a mocha latte) in the brew basket as the coffee is brewing. Add a shot of coffee flavoring if you want after the coffee has brewed, like caramel, chocolate syrup or fruit syrup  I am sure you will think it tastes even better knowing how much money you saved making your own and knowing what is in it.

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